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Ken Winograd is President and Founder of Space-Time Associates, a Merrimack, New Hampshire computer consulting company.

In addition to computer and Internet consulting, Winograd is a programming specialist, who has authored programs such as TinyBooks Pro, Hangman Pro, Brickles Pro as well as a growing number of shareware, freeware and commercial programs.

Prior to founding Space-Time Associates in 1982, Winograd held various positions in the computer industry as Test Design Engineer, Software Engineer and Software Engineering Manager. A native of New Jersey, he studied Electrical Engineering and Music at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 1973.

Winograd, based in Merrimack, New Hampshire, enjoys aviation, classical music, opera, jazz, physics, reading, Amateur Radio (N1NEG, Amateur Extra) and Commercial Radio (GROL License + Radar Endorsement, GMDSS Radio Maintainer's License).

Apple II Programs

  • Air Navigation Trainer
  • Air Nav Workshop
  • ModemWars
  • TeleChess

Macintosh Programs

  • American Hangman
  • BCS*Clicker
  • Brickles
  • Brickles Plus
  • Brickles Deluxe
  • Brickles3000
  • Brickles Pro
  • DAFile
  • DAFont
  • FatMouse
  • Hangman
  • Hangman Plus
  • Hang2000
  • Hang2000 for Museum Kiosks
  • Hang3000
  • Hangman Bible
  • Hangman Pro
  • PRAM
  • PrePRESS ToolBox
  • PrePRESS ToolKit
  • Presidents3000
  • States3000
  • The Music Game
  • The Opera Game
  • The WCPE Hangman Game
  • TinyBooks
  • TinyBooks Pro
  • Varityper FontConflicts
  • Varityper FontMaster
  • Varityper FontWizard
  • Varityper PSFontFinder
  • Varityper ToolBox
  • Varityper ToolKit

Windows Programs

  • Brickles3001
  • Hang2000
  • Hang3000
  • Hang3001
  • Hangman Bible
  • Hangman Pro
  • PrePRESS WindowBox
  • PrePRESS WindowBoxNT
  • PrePRESS WindowBox32
  • Presidents3000
  • Presidents3001
  • States3000
  • States3001
  • The Fisher Cats Game
  • The Music Game
  • The Opera Game
  • The WCPE Hangman Game
  • WinHangman
  • Women of the World

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