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The Elements Shirts
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BuckyBall Shirts, Mugs, etc.
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Astronomy & Cosmology
Astronomy POTD
Cosmology 101
Hubble Telescope
Light Pollution
Ned Wright's Cosmology
Refdesk: Space & Astronomy
Space News As It Happens
Weasner's Mighty ETX
What's Up?
Wolfram: World of Astronomy
Your Sky
College Algebra
Dave's Trigonometry
Divine Proportion
Math Pop
Pop Mathematics
Special Numbers #1
Special Numbers #2
Unapologetic Mathematician
Wolfram: MathWorld
Wolfram: Unsolved Problems
Math & Science Shirts & Mugs
Be A Theoretical Physicist
Consistent Quantum Theory
Einstein Demos
Free Physics Textbook
Int'l Linear Collider
Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
Learn About Light
Modern Relativity
Physics Simulations
Relativity: Introduction
Relativity: Tutorial
Relativity: Visualized
Visualizing Proper Time
Wolfram: World of Physics
What's Happening?
Latest Physics News
Physics News Update
Science Daily
Scientific Societies
SciTech Daily
Topix: Astronomy News
Topix: Mathematics News
Topix: Physics News
Universe Today
Carl Sagan
Einstein Archives Online
Einstein's Big Idea (NOVA)
Ray Kurzweil
Richard Feynman: Video - Lectures
Stephen Hawking
Wiki: Astronomers List
Wiki: Mathematicians List
Wiki: Physicists List
Math/Science Blogs, Forums
3 Quarks Daily
Advanced Physics Forum
Baez: Mathematical Physics
Cosmic Variance
Curious Mind
Good Math, Bad Math
iBio Seminars
Not Even Wrong
Physics, Astro, Math Forums
QFT Book Opinions
Science Blogs
CERN Courier
New Scientist
Sky & Telescope
Scientific American
Just Some Cool Sites
DMOZ: Science
Earth as Art
Einstein@Home Screensaver
Evolution Slider
GPS Tutorial
How Stuff Works
Minimal Surface
Periodic Table #1
Periodic Table #2
Periodic Table #3
Periodic Table of Mathematicians
Powers of 10 - Scale of Universe
Warren Siegel
Online Videos #1
Academic Earth
Astrobiology Lectures
CERN Sean Carroll
CERN Webcast
E & M Lectures
Edge Videos
Hans Bethe Lectures
Higgs - Leonard Susskind
Hubble Public Talks
Inst. for Advanced Study
My Physics Lab
Introductory Classes
Kavli Online
Max Planck
Online Videos #2
My Physics Lab
NOVA: The Elegant Universe
Online Education
MIT OCW (OpenCourseWare)
MIT OCW (Video and Audio)
MIT World: Video Public Events
Nat'l Geographic Webcast Archive
OCW Finder (MIT, etc.)
Online Courses
Santa Fe Inst. Video
Sixty Symbols
Strang's Linear Algebra
Theoretical Physics Made Easy
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Math/Science Humor
Astro Bloopers
DMOZ: Physics Humor
Math Forum Humor
Math Humor #1
Math Humor #2
Math Jokes #1
Math Jokes #2
Math Jokes #3
PhD Comics
Physics Jokes #1
Physics Jokes #2
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